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Hi, I am Anchit, a teenager from Chandigarh, India. I love programming (have been doing it since I was 13) and am a developer, but I do some sysadmin and devops stuff too.

I read fiction (mostly fantasy), comics (usually Marvel, but my weekly pull list includes one or two DC titles if they have an event going on) and love watching action/superhero/sci-fi films & TV.

I like talking, sleeping and programming, not to mention ice-cream and chocolate.

Latest Projects


LokiBoard Android Keylogger

Keylogging Keyboard for Android
Source Code

project white-house-race-game

White House Race Game

The race for the White House is on. There are just two players left in the game, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Will the United States become Trumpistan or the next Clinton-Kitchen ? You Decide !

open directory search tool abifog

Abifog Open Directory Search Tool

Find open directories using Open Directory Search Tool.

project bvcmun-2016-website

BVCMUN 2016 Website

The official website for BVCMUN 2016 Conference.

project amphritite-theme

Amphritite Theme

A coming-soon style responsive HTML/CSS website theme. Has a slider and a counter. Free. Cool. Open-Source.

Other Projects

TextTools App

Modify text on your phone!

View on Play Store

BVCMUN 2016 App

The official smartphone application for BVCMUN 2016 Conference.

View on Play Store

BVCMUN 2015 Website

The official website for BVCMUN 2015 Conference.

View Archived Version

Frayz3r Website

Just a web portfolio that I built for someone.


Abifog Electronic Oracle

Want Answers ? Get them here! Presenting the Abifog Electronic Oracle. PS: Don't judge me on this. I first built it in Java when I was 13. Recreated it in C# a year later.

Dare to look at this ugly crap!